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Drappo Netting

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The Drappo system is characterized by an High Performance steel wire Net , a metal mesh woven with steel wire of at least 4.6 mm in diameter and a tensile strength of not less than 550 n/mm2, zinc coated according to EN 10264-2 Class A regulations, with average values that are never less than 280 gr/m2.  The net is made of interwoven, simple twisted diamond-shapes, 50 x 50 mm with an opening diameter of approximately 45 mm.  The tests which were carried out ensure a tensile strength both longitudinal and latitudinal of 150 kN/m.  The maximum load perpendicular to the net (puncturing load) is 67.9 kN.

The size of the panels varies from 6 x 1.75 m to 6 x 3 m and the weight of the netting is 5.6 kg/m2.  The panels are set on the slope and fixed with steel anchor plates, anchored in the ground with steel anchoring piles such as Gewi, Dywidag or self-drilling anchors.

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